Changing Faces tells the story of Colorado clemency recipient Sean J. Marshall. Sean who after receiving a virtual life of 44-years for armed robbery, was granted clemency 14 years into his sentence. The film delves into reverberating effects of choices. As it was a series of small choices that ultimately led Sean down the path of armed robbery. And then inversely how beginning with small choices Sean became a man of renowned character and a leader in the colorado department of corrections and put himself in a position to receive clemency. The film also traces Sean's journey as he reflects on how he was shaped by the culture of his upbringing. Now, as a free man he is dedicated to transforming that culture for the next generation, aiming to prevent others from treading the same path he once did. Finally, presented through the firsthand account of someone who has experienced it, this film seeks to offer a new perspective on the lives of incarcerated individuals. Its goal is to advocate for change and educate the audience on issues within today's criminal justice system.

Changing Faces is a Zzyzx Films production Co-Produced and Directed by Dane Bruhahn and Mark Jacobs
Music from Autumn and Lonny Gallentine

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